Many bloggers work diligently to increase their PR, technorati scores, and anything that can help increase traffic to their blogs.  Bloggers everywhere agree that steady traffic is the most difficult thing to come by, but the one thing worth putting the effort into.  After all, what is a blog, if no one reads it. 

There are little things that you can do, however, that can make a big difference in your ranking.  In this topic, I am focusing on Alexa.  Some people don’t know that Alexa rankings are based on places surfed on the web by those who have the Alexa toolbar installed.  This means that if you install the Alexa toolbar, when you go to, or work on your own blog, it will count toward your Alexa ranking. So, if you are working hard to improve your Alexa ranking, and you haven’t installed the alexa toolbar, you are hurting yourself.

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Technorati Profile Just hookin my blog up with technorati !

. People all over the world are writing; writing about computing, scrapbooking, cooking…. You name it, people are writing about it. They are using sites like WordPress,, , and Bravenet to get their voice out. Some are writing for fun, and some are getting paid to write. I myself am a little new to this, but it has definately caught my interest. I began my first blog at and it later seemed to me that one blog wasn’t enough for me, so then I began my 2nd blog here at WordPress. It seems that no matter what you write about, there are people out there that will read it. So, get to writing! There are so many resources out there to help you get started. SO, find one of the places mentioned above and start your journal

Pay Per Post


PayPer Post is arguably one of the best things to happen for bloggers since blogging began. Pay per post was founded by Ted Murphy in June 2006, and its purpose is to connect advertisers to bloggers who will post a review about their products and services for compensation. Since the organization began, over 50,000 bloggers have signed up for the program. There are those, however, who have criticized the program saying that it is all a conflict of interest. They have indicated beliefs that it is not good ethics to be paid to write reviews by the companies you are reviewing. But, to many of those whose are involved in the program, and have been the recipients of the compensation, it has become their primary income. According the the site, you can easily make $500 a month or more if you work hard enough. It seems as though one thing is true, whether you agree with the concept, or not; Pay Per Post has changed the blogging world in a massive way, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.


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